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Industrial Dampers
We offer quality, effective and industrial control dampers. Perfect for industrial applications, they meet demanding conditions. They work for high pressure and high temperature applications. There are efficient airflow modulation, isolation or flow control. We keep up with proven designs and full seal tightness. 
Pneumatic Damper
Pneumatic dampers are used in pneumatic control systems. They can be used for gradual or positive activity. We offer heavy-duty pneumatic dampers for varied applications. They provide relative control in HVAC systems etc. Also, there are man-safe and effective operations.  
Louver Damper
Louver Dampers control the air-flow in process systems. They are manually-adjustable or motorized for the flow control. They are lightweight, compact and versatile in nature. These dampers offer dependable modulation and isolation. Also, they provide accurate & repeatable flow control.
Guillotine Dampers
Guillotine dampers are known for high-strength, reliability and efficiency. They are practical in power stations, offshore installations, and other applications. Actuation can be manual, hydraulic, pneumatic or electric. Guillotine dampers are preferable for critical isolation and severe conditions. 
Butterfly Dampers
Butterfly dampers are designed for high efficiency and minimum maintenance. They give smooth and laminar flow. The dampers are suitable for flow control balancing and open-closed service. Their applications include Scrubbers, Oxidizers, Precipitators, Heaters, Bag houses, etc.
Blade Dampers
We offer quality blade dampers for industrial applications. They are designed for excellent metering and control. Made from strong materials, our dampers meet high-temperature and high-pressure applications. They have superior sealing capability, greater strength, and make less noise.  
Flow Control Gate
Our flow control gate is designed to meter as well as control the flow of bulk solids. It is widely used in building material and cement industry. We keep up with completely dust-tight and compact construction. Our gates are designed for accurate control, easy maintenance and high resistant to wear.